Learning Cocoa (en anglais)

Learning Cocoa en anglais Cocoa is one of the principal application environments for Mac OS X Among Cocoa s many attributes its advanced object oriented APIs allow you to develop in both Java and Objective C This revolutionar

  • Title: Learning Cocoa (en anglais)
  • Author: Inc. Apple Computer
  • ISBN: 0596001606
  • Page: 282
  • Format: broch
  • Cocoa is one of the principal application environments for Mac OS X Among Cocoa s many attributes, its advanced object oriented APIs allow you to develop in both Java and Objective C This revolutionary new way of developing sophisticated applications for the Macintosh is both powerful and easy With Learning Cocoa you ll become familiar with Cocoa application development, using Objective C, not merely by reading, but by doing The book begins with a discussion of essential object oriented programming concepts for those with no previous experience It proceeds through an introduction to the Cocoa environment, development, tools, and some simple tutorials to help you become familiar with the basic elements of Cocoa programming The remaining tutorials guide you as you create a series of increasingly complex example applications The techniques and concepts you learn in one tutorial lay the foundation for the advanced techniques and concepts in the next You don t need extensive programming experience to complete the examples in this book, though it would be helpful to have some experience with the C programming language The code for each example is included in the text so you can simply type it in If you re already familiar with an object oriented programming language like Java or Smalltalk, you ll quickly feel right at home with Objective C, the language used throughout this book As you ease your way into the experience of Cocoa programming, you re encouraged to play, to explore, to kick the tires You ll finish this book much better prepared to take on serious application development with Cocoa, and you ll find Apple s development environment not only less mysterious, but one that you ll be eager to program in Written by insiders at Apple Computer, the book brings you information that you can t get anywhere else and a potential leg up in the Mac OS X application development market Synopsis A guide to Cocoa application development which shows how to write example applications that gradually become complex It is written by insiders at Apple Computer with access to engineers deeply involved in creating Mac OS X.

    Home Learning Chocolate Aims to help students and children to memorize English vocabulary in an easy and efficient way, by using image, pronunciation and game Free and Fun Learning Cocoa with Objective C Classique Us Learning Cocoa with Objective C is the must have book for people who want to develop applications for Mac OS X, and is the only book approved and reviewed by Apple engineers. Learning Cocoa with Objective C, th Edition Get up to speed on Cocoa and Objective C, and start developing applications on the iOS and OS X platforms If you don t have experience with Apple s developer tools, no problem Cocoa Dev Central C Language Tutorial for Cocoa This tutorial explains the parts of C you need to get started with Cocoa We cover most concepts in a page or two instead of an entire chapter. Cocoa Dev Central Learn Objective C In Objective C, the nil object is the functional equivalent to the NULL pointer in many other languages The difference is that you can call methods on nil without crashing or throwing an exception The difference is that you can call methods on nil without crashing or throwing an exception. CoCo E Learning Android Apps on Google Play With over a million apps and games, Google Play has something for everyone Browse and install your favorite Android apps and games on your Android phone, tablet, TV or from the Web. Home Nestle Cocoplan ICI works with the cocoa industry, civil society, farmers organisations, communities and national governments in cocoa producing countries to ensure a better future for children and to contribute to the elimination of child labour. BBC Learning English BBC Learning English This is the BBC Learning English homepage World Cocoa Foundation World Cocoa Foundation Our vision A sustainable and thriving cocoa sector where farmers prosper, cocoa growing communities are empowered, human rights LearningApps interaktive und multimediale Lernbausteine Der Betrieb von LearningApps wird untersttzt von ber LearningApps Impressum Datenschutz Rechtliches

    • [PDF] â Free Read ½ Learning Cocoa (en anglais) : by Inc. Apple Computer ✓
      282 Inc. Apple Computer
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    One thought on “Learning Cocoa (en anglais)

    1. actifred

      Learning Cocoa se propose d'aborder les différents aspect de la programmation Cocoa. Les auteurs y présentent les principaux concepts objets utilisés par ce framework, une introduction au langage Objective-C, ainsi qu'une prise en main des outils de développement fournis par Apple (Interface Builder et Project Builder).Hélas, si l'idée est attirante, le résultat s'avère assez inégal.Parmi les bons aspects, on notera l'introduction à Objective-C, la brève mais claire description de l'a [...]

    2. None

      Très bon livre, bien écrit, un peu trop technique mais compréhensible pour ceux qui conaissent bien l'anglais et qui son prêt a s'investir dans la programmation cocoa. Peu immagé.

    3. Redwood Tree

      This book will give you a great introduction to Cocoa but don't expect to walk away with a mastery of the topic. The folks at Apple have taken their many on-line examples and documentaiton and essentially wrapped it in a pretty and more edited format (less errors than on-line version).There's almost nothing in this book that you can not find on-line, but this book does a great job at organizing. I was a bit bummed that the high quality found in other O'Reilley books was not present here, but [...]

    4. guido

      Excellent. This book has just the right doses of tips and tricks, distilled wisdom of the NextStep way, "best practice" Objective-C concepts, solid examples and brevity. If you have been scouring the Cocoa online APIs, stepwise, omni lists, etc but wishing for more then this book with deliver for you. The diagrams and screen shots are first rate, as is the editing. Examples are very easy to follow. My only complaint is I wish there were sections on printing, threading, services, and other Cocoa [...]

    5. J. E. S.

      There are quite a few high points to this book which make it a worthwhile introduction to using Cocao to program for Mac OS X. The overview of Objective C is complete enough for anyone coming from another language to grasp it quickly. The introduction to object oriented programming and the Apple developer tools is also rather well done for those who need refreshers or a place to start.The programming examples are all simple and clear, thoug building on one another towards the end of the book unt [...]

    6. A. W. Crawford

      Dull, dull, dull. Quite literally this is a bunch of documentation you can download from Apple's site bound in a book. Yes, you do learn something, but the ratio of useful information to "type in the program" is awful and it's very dry reading.Try the Aaron Hillegass book, or the new O'Reilly "Building Cocoa Applications" if you want a useful title on programming Cocoa. I see there's a second edition of this book due in September 2002 - hopefully this'll either pep up the existing content, or [...]

    7. Kelsey McClanahan

      I ordered this book a couple of months in advance before the book shipped. I could hardly wait until the day it arrived. But not long afterwards did I realize that this book is one of the biggest disappoints in programming guides I have ever experienced. You can obviously tell that a single person did not work exclusively on this book. Several chapters are in different writing styles --And the book contained a couple of chapters I had previously downloaded from Apple's site!This book did li [...]

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