Programming ASP.NET (en anglais)

Programming ASP NET en anglais ASP is the successor technology to Active Server Pages ASP the world s most successful development environment for building server side web applications ASP leverages the power of Microsoft s new NE

  • Title: Programming ASP.NET (en anglais)
  • Author: Liberty
  • ISBN: 0596001711
  • Page: 472
  • Format: broch
  • ASP is the successor technology to Active Server Pages ASP , the world s most successful development environment for building server side web applications ASP leverages the power of Microsoft s new NET platform to allow you to write dynamic, data driven applications that run over the World Wide Web In Programming ASP, Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz teach you everything you need to know to write web applications and web service The book focuses on ASP development using both C and Visual Basic NET, and coding examples are presented in both languages Programming ASP includes a detailed tutorial on Web Forms, which, in conjunction with Visual Studio NET, allow you to apply Rapid Application Development techniques including drag and drop control placement to web development Programming ASP includes extensive coverage of each type of server control, including web server controls, HTML server controls, and custom controls Since most web applications and web services involve retrieving data and returning it to a client browser, Programming ASP also offers extensive coverage of data access issues These include topics such as using ASP s list bound controls, accessing data using the ADO object model, and updating data with or without transaction support Programming ASPNET also discusses such advanced topics as Caching and performance Security Configuration and deployment The ASP technologies are so complete and flexible, your main difficulty may lie simply in weaving the pieces together for maximum efficiency Programming ASP shows you how to do just that.

    ASP ASP is an open source server side web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. Introduction to ASP Web Programming Note The Razor syntax is based on the C programming language, and that s the language that s used most often with ASP Web Pages However, the Razor syntax also supports the Visual Basic language, and everything you see you can also do in Visual Basic. Programming Microsoft ASP Developer Programming Microsoft ASP Developer Reference Dino Esposito on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Completely reengineered for ASP this definitive guide deftly illuminates the core architecture and programming features of ASP in a single C Sharp programming language C pronounced C sharp is a general purpose, multi paradigm programming language encompassing strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object oriented class based , and component oriented programming disciplines It was developed around by Microsoft within its initiative and later approved as a standard by Ecma Subject Computer programming Wikibooks, These books deal with Computer programming the process of writing, testing, debugging troubleshooting, and maintaining the source code of computer programs A program s source code is written in a programming language Java Programming Tutorials and Source Code javas Email info at javas Demo Source and Support All rights reserved. Indexers C Programming Guide Microsoft Indexers C Programming Guide minutes to read Contributors all In this article Indexers allow instances of a class or struct to be indexed just like arrays. C Programming Training Online Tutorial Check out this C programming course from Microsoft Virtual Academy, which provides demo rich samples you can take back to your workplace ASP Wikipdia ASP est un framework permettant de gnrer la demande des pages web, lance par Microsoft en juillet , et utilise pour mettre en uvre des applications web E Book Gallery for Microsoft Technologies EN Download content for Azure, ASP, Office, SQL Server, SharePoint Server and other Microsoft technologies in e book formats Reference, guide, and step by step information are all available.

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    One thought on “Programming ASP.NET (en anglais)

    1. Stéphane Dorlac

      Voici un livre complet sur ASPDe nombreux sujets importants y sont abordés de façon didactique.On remarquera la facilité de lecture et la clarté des explications.En prime, un petit chapitre sur la conception de bases de données et un rappel sur SQL.Un livre à acheter si on ne possède pas déjà de référence correcte sur le sujet.

    2. Shekar

      Good book for most part, except the following: [I am using negative writing here, because, the positives are obvious and outweight significantly negatives. Therefore]1. Too heavy to hold and read. [My hands are still paining!]2. Heavy because, the author wasted too many pages, by unnecessarily including both VB and C# code for each example. Bought the book thinking that most will be in C#, which it is, but vB should be a separate book. VB won't find c# useful and vice versa.3. Why was the a [...]

    3. Bruce S. Gruenbaum

      I can't add much to what others have already written in terms of content. What I will say, though, is that Jesse and Dan have done another outstanding job with this book.There is quit a bit of overlap with Jesse's Programming C#, but the good thing is that you get to see how it works with ASP.The one thing that I didn't like about this book is the fact that there is both C# and VB code quoted everywhere in the text. I found it a little distracting initially. As I got used to the idea, though, I [...]

    4. TP_FAN

      Good Content, 3rd Edition lacks Example Source Code on his website (Only 2nd Edition and new ASP 3.5 is available).If you want to learn ASP 2.0 using this book seriously you probably need to do lots of typing.Illustrations and pictures are not that straightforward, you need to imagine a lot before getting your hands dirty in VS 2005.

    5. Horizon

      I find the book to be poorly organized. Further, it makes the worst error a book can make -- to assume the reader already knows the material for which he/she bought the book to learn in the first place. The book comes across as disjointed and does not flow. The example concerning the program developed throughout the course of the book, a bug reporting program, drags on and on and onry tiresome. The database information I found next to useless and angeringly frustrating to follow, as result of th [...]

    6. Dickazius

      The best ASP book there is.mple, step by step, you read and learn, everything is clearly explained. A must!!

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