Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model

Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model The Microsoft Windows driver model WDM supports Plug and Play provides power management capabilities and expands on the driver minidriver approach Written by long time device driver expert Walter On

  • Title: Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model
  • Author: Walter Oney
  • ISBN: 0735605882
  • Page: 265
  • Format: broch
  • The Microsoft Windows driver model WDM supports Plug and Play, provides power management capabilities, and expands on the driver minidriver approach Written by long time device driver expert Walter Oney in cooperation with the Windows kernel team, this book provides extensive practical examples, illustrations, advice, and line by line analysis of code samples to clarify real world driver programming issues And its been updated with the latest details about the driver technologies in Windows XP and Windows 2000, plus information about how to debug drivers Topics covered include Beginning a driver project and the structure of a WDM driver NEW Minidrivers and class drivers, driver taxonomy, the WDM development environment and tools, management checklist, driver selection and loading, approved API calls, and driver stacks Basic programming techniques NEW Safe string functions, memory limits, the Driver Verifier scheme and tags, the kernel handle flag, and the Windows 98 floating point problem Synchronization NEW Details about the interrupt request level IRQL scheme, along with Windows 98 and Windows Me compatibility The I O request packet IRP and I O control operations NEW How to send control operations to other drivers, custom queue implementations, and how to handle and safely cancel IRPs Plug and Play for function drivers NEW Controller and multifunction devices, monitoring device removal in user mode, Human Interface Devices HID , including joysticks and other game controllers, minidrivers for non HID devices, and feature reports Reading and writing data, power management, and Windows Management Instrumentation WMI NEW System wakeup, the WMI control for idle detection, and using WMIMOFCK Specialized topics and distributing drivers NEW USB 2.0, selective suspend, Windows Hardware Quality Lab WHQL certification, driver selection and loading, officially approved API calls, and driver stacks COVERS WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS ME, WINDOWS 2000, AND WINDOWS XP CD ROM FEATURES A fully searchable electronic copy of the book Sample code in Microsoft Visual C For customers who purchase an ebook version of this title, instructions for downloading the CD files can be found in the ebook.

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    • [PDF] Download ✓ Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model | by ✓ Walter Oney
      265 Walter Oney
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ✓ Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model | by ✓ Walter Oney
      Posted by:Walter Oney
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    One thought on “Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model

    1. None

      La premiere edition était déjà excellente, comportant un nombre important de chapitres sachant expliquer clairement la structure des drivers wdm (presentation, service, inf, driver usb ).La seule contrainte pour une personne limitée au niveau de l'anglais, elle devra relire plusieurs fois dans certains cas pour bien cerner les formules du texte.A quand une version francaise traduite de cette ouvrage de reference ? Un ouvrage recommendé pour toutes les personnes ayant acquis les compétences [...]

    2. G. Wideman

      It's now 12 years since this book (2nd edition) was released, but it's still a very relevant, useful and helpful resource. Yes, it's about a highly technical topic, so not for beginners. But for readers who already have some background in application development, familiarity with C and C++ and so on, it contains some of the best explanations of the Windows Driver Model which continues to form the basis for Windows device drivers to this day.There are a number of other references for this territo [...]

    3. Pablo De Paulis

      As a technical manager of small team, who have never had any experience with Win dev drivers, I had to come up to speed on a project which necessitated several weeks of WDM work (revamp).This book was perfect for someone like me; 90% of the chapters were relevant for me and at the end of it I was able to fully understand the IRP model, be able to intelligently discuss the issues at hand, and even fix a couple of small things here and there! Very comprehensive and has excellent tips that even the [...]

    4. Sandra Dennis

      If you are writing Windows Device Drivers, this is one of 3 books you absolutely must have. Buy it.

    5. k9

      Lots of good information is in this book, but youwould have to be an experienced driver developer to understand.Only chapters 1-3 are aimed at beginners.The problem is the author jumps right into the hardest partfirst.Also, the author shows the wrong way of doing things first. Thatmakes this an extremely difficult read.Some of the topics could have been simplified.There is good examples, and software with the book. Otherwise, I wouldhave given it one star.

    6. BugBuster

      If you already know how to write WDM device drivers, you may or may not need this book.If you do not know how to write WDM device drivers, you would do yourselfa big favor by avoiding this book. It is so carelessly edited andorganized that I would feel justified in billing Walter Oney and hispublishers back for the time I have wasted dealing with things like this:From page 184: "In fact, sometimes the easiest way to commence a new operation is to storesome state information in your device exten [...]

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